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The number of pensioners in Belarus exceeded 2,5 million

Author: Lida added 9-01-2013, 22:42
The number of pensioners in Belarus exceeded 2,5 millionOver 133,8 thousand people joined Belarus pension system in 2012.

In comparison with 2011, the pension was assigned to 134,2 thousand, and in 2010 - to 131,5 thousand people.

The country has an increase in the number of pensioners. For the first time in many years, the number of pension recipients in the labor, employment and Social Protection has exceeded 2,5 million people and reached on 1 January 2013 2 million 512,2 thousand people. The reduction in the population of the country increases and the percent of the retirees is closer to 27% now.

There are 79,7 million women and 54,1 thousand men among those who gained the status of pensioner last year. And one in eight new retiree was granted at preferential grounds. Thus, almost 16,7 thousand people have retired early (before reaching retirement generally established age: for women it is 55 years and for men - 60 years). The number of people, who became a pensioner earlier prevail among women (nine thousand, and among men - 7.7 thousand).

Beneficiaries of early retirement are employed in jobs with special conditions, for instance, textile industry workers, tractor-drivers and others as well as those, who are engaged in certain professional activities (teaching and health care professionals, artists , aviation workers, etc.). The right for early retirement is given to citizens with a certain social status: liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, mothers who have 3 and more children, parents of disabled children, disabled from birth, and others.

It is estimated that the average monthly retirement pension increased by 97.5% up to Br 1520, 8 thousand ($ 175) in January-December 2012 compared with the same period in 2011, including in December it was Br1963, 9 thousand ($ 225. The average of the minimum old-age pension in this period increased by 130.9% up to Br1074, 9 thousand ($123,5), including in December it was Br1345, 9 thousand ($ 155). According to the assessment of 2012, the real old age pensions increased by 24.2%.

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