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6.3 million Internet Users Are Counted in the Country

Author: Newsmaker added 26-11-2012, 16:15
6.3 million Internet Users Are Counted in the Country
At the beginning of 2012 the total number of Internet subscribers (legal entities and private persons) included 6.3 mil. The National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus released this information on the threshold of World Information Day observing on November, 26.

The share of broadband Internet subscribers reached 53.8% of the total number of Internet users.

The number of subscribers were calculated for 1 000 inhabitants at the beginning of 2012 reached 661 and increased by 28.1% compared to previous year.

According to the state statistical observation on January, 1 2012, 94.6% of commercial organizations had access to the Internet. Stationary broadband access, which is used by 84% of organization, was prevailing. 29.5% of commercial organizations utilized switched access, while 17.6% chose Wi-fi. In 2011 93.1% of organizations took advantage of e-mail services.

The results of household sample observation shows at the beginning of 2012 that nearly 40% of citizens at the age of 16 and older used Internet services, 61% of them used the service daily.

At the beginning of the present year capacity of Internet access outer channels was 200 Gb/s and increased almost in 3 times during the year.

The National Statistical Committee noted that “cable television services are actively developing in the country”. In 2011 the number of cable television systems was 524, 90 of them broadcasted TV programmes in a digital form. At the beginning of 2012 the number of subscribers connected to cable television systems was 1.9 mil and has grown up by 7.9%.

In recent years IP-television has gained widespread development. The number of subscribers who uses this service on January, 1, 2012 made up 583.2 thousand. It is 2.6 times more, compared with the previous year.

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