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The monastery of Carthusians in Biaroza

Author: Lida added 14-09-2014, 14:55

The monastery of Carthusians in BiarozaThe monastery of Carthusians in Biaroza (Brest region) was founded by Sapiehas in 1689. An unknown Italian architect built the monastery in the Baroque style. In addition to the land the monastery was also donated 800 yards of the peasants.


It took 40 years to build the monastery. During this time the builders erected two lines of walls, courtyard, a garden, a church and even an artificial pond.

Kamianets Tower

Author: Newsmaker added 7-10-2013, 15:35

Kamianets TowerKamianets Tower (Belaya Vezha) is situated in Brest region and it is the most well-preserved defense tower of Valyn type in Belarus. Its height is about 31 meters.

Kamianets Tower is five-tier round building (30 meters high, 2,5 meters thick with the outer diameter of 13,6 meters). The tower is made of dark-red and yellowish bricks.

100 years old watch will be repaired in Pinsk

Author: Newsmaker added 24-03-2013, 23:52
100 years old watch will be repaired in PinskIt is exactly 100 years old this year to the watch, which was mounted on a building of Jesuit College. Jubilee stamp shows the age of the mechanism with the numbers 1913. Jesuit College building was built in the mid 17th century and it is a monument of baroque architecture in the historic center of Pinsk.

Puslovsky Сastle in Kossava

Author: Lida added 16-12-2012, 07:37
Puslovsky Сastle in KossavaPuslovsky Castle is situated two kilometers north of the small town Kossava, Ivatsevichy District, Brest region.

The governor Casimir Puslovsky initiated the construction of the castle and in 1838, the Warsaw architect Frantisek Yascholda began construction next to the estates of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Binding to this area was quite deliberate: Puslovsky was very proud of this neighborhood. In those times project stone castle was original. Even now it is difficult to find an analogue in the Polish and Belarusian architecture.

Ruzhany Palace

Author: Lida added 18-11-2012, 04:05
Ruzhany PalaceRuzhany Palace is situated in the small town Ruzhany (Pruzhany area, Brest region, Belarus).

The palace was built in 1602 by Great Lithuanian Chancellor Lew Sapieha. The architecture and the time when the building started are unknown.

In 1700 Sapieha’s residence was destroyed and rebuilt in neoclassical style. The architect was Jan Samuel Becker from Saxony. During this time appeared an extensive library, conservatory and theater in the palace. The English park was created around.