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Kamianets Tower

Author: Newsmaker added 7-10-2013, 15:35


Kamianets TowerKamianets Tower (Belaya Vezha) is situated in Brest region and it is the most well-preserved defense tower of Valyn type in Belarus. Its height is about 31 meters.

Kamianets Tower is five-tier round building (30 meters high, 2,5 meters thick with the outer diameter of 13,6 meters). The tower is made of dark-red and yellowish bricks.


Kamianets Tower was built in 1271-1288 on the banks of the river Liasnaya. Location and design of the tower made it almost impregnable because it was built for defensive purposes.

During the 14-17th centuries Kamianets Tower was attacked by different foreign forces. By the 19th century Kamianets Tower lost its defensive importance and was neglected.

In 1960 Kamianets Tower was declared to be a monument of architecture and then it was restored and became a branch of the Brest Regional Museum.

Kamianets Tower was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2004.

Nowadays Kamianets Tower is an interesting sightseeing, a museum and a center that organizes medieval festivals.

Here is the drawing by Napoleon Orda, 1876 and the picture of present view of Kamianets Tower.


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