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Belarusian Notre Dame

Author: Lida added 8-09-2012, 23:08
Belarusian Notre Dame

Gervyaty village is 24 km north-east of the Ostrowiec, on the road Varniany - Zhodishki. Few people know that Belarusian Notre Dame, the Church of the Holy Trinity, is here.

The building, the age of which is just over a hundred years, is one of the tallest churches in Belarus.

The tower of Gervyaty church is 61 meters height (just 11 meters below the highest building of Minsk - the National Library). It is the figures say. But sense organs say something different: it is not just the temple, building, or a historical monument. It is a neogothic miracle.

Belarusian Notre Dame

On the church perimeter long there is arboretum.On the front of the church there is the future park with thuja and statues of the apostles.

Belarusian Notre Dame

Quite unusual for the middle of the Belarusian lands are original wooden crosses, which is above human height, some cemeteries of the Domeykos, one of which became the rector of the National University of Chile, in honor of which was named the planet, violet and even the kind of slug.

Belarusian Notre Dame

Another historical monument of Gervyaty is water mill on the river Loshi. It was built in the 19th century by framing technology - quite unique in Belarus. Framing or Prussian Moore is known to all on German cities, where the framing of houses filled with masonry and left visible separating facade panel of different shape and imparting a characteristic picturesque.

Belarusian Notre Dame

70 years ago the mill produces electricity.


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