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Minsk in the evening from ISS

Author: Newsmaker added 11-03-2013, 20:50
Minsk in the evening from ISSPhoto of Minsk from the International Space Station was published on Facebook page of ISS commander, Canadian Chris Hadfield.

"Success! During several months we have been trying to get a clear picture of Minsk, the hometown of our happy fellow in ISS Oleg Novitsky, "- Chris Hadfield wrote in social networks on Sunday. He published photos of Minsk in the evening from height of 370 km.

We remind you, that one of the members of the international space station crew, Oleg Novitsky, has Belarusian origin: he is a native of Cherven (Minsk region). Our compatriot has been in the orbit since October 2012.

Thanks to the efforts of the crew, Chris Hadfield (a commander of the station) spread in facebook and twitter pictures from orbit every day and thousands of people can see the freshest and more interesting pictures of our planet from space.

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Novitsky Oleg, international space station