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Belarus Visa Support

invitation to belarusIf the procedure of getting Belarusian visa seems a bit unduly complicated you should keep in mind that there are comparable difficulties for Belarus citizens in getting visa of your country. That’s a course of niceties exchange between our countries. Nevertheless you’ve got better chances to succeed than a Belarusian has.

The procedure is described on the webpage of Belarus Consulate in your country.

For a tourist visa you will need to attach an invitation from Belarus tourist agency, which confirms your booking. You can get it from our partner organization after submitting the booking form.

Important facts about getting visa of Belarus

Please pay attention that Belarus Consulate accepts no confirmations other than issued by belarusian organizations. confirmation and other popular reservation system printouts are not going to work.

Since 2012 the possibility to get visa at the airport in Minsk is closed for the countries where Belarus Consulate is situated.

If you are planning to arrive to Moscow airport you have to obtain Russian transit visa.
invitation to belarus
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Useful information for those who requires Belarus visa