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The secrets of Brest Fortress

Author: Newsmaker added 10-11-2013, 21:56

It is difficult to find any secrets that the famous Brest Fortress can have except the history of the Second World War. But interesting events took place there even much earlier.


The construction of this symbol of the city - the Brest Fortress - began with the complete destruction of Brest in 1833. According to the order of Emperor Nicholas I an ancient settlement was moved two kilometers in the east where the center of Brest is now situated. Many churches, monasteries and parish schools, taverns and baths as well as all the houses were demolished and the residents received a loan for the construction of new housing. And the construction of powerful system of fortifications began on their old place in order to protect the new western border of Russia Empire.


The fortress had to be a transit prison. Its walls remember Raman Raginsky who was one of the leaders of the uprising in 1863, Stepan Bandera and many other ”political prisoners“. During the Soviet period this prison became the largest in Western Belarus. On June 22, 1941 Cardinal Swientek and Baptist preacher Lukas Dzekuts - Maley sat in death cameras in prison. They were freed from the prison on June, 23.


It is known that Hitler and Mussolini met in the Brest Fortress on August 1941. The German newsreel footage evidenced is about this meeting. The stone that Hitler took from the ruins of the bridge of Brest Fortress was found in his office after the war.


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