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Bialovezhskaya Pushcha and Brest Fortress

Author: booker added 17-05-2013, 04:45

Bialovezhskaya Pushcha and Brest FortressTo find a different world in old explored Europe is a perfect gift to any traveler. While Belarus is quite a special place, Belavezhskaya Pushcha is putting its guest in the world of total fantasy. More then 600 years people keep this place untouched. It is the oldest reserved forest in Europe. Centuries revolved, dynasties arise and disappeared, wars started and were over, kings and governors had a rest here, destroying countries or turning people hopes into reality. But the forest is still virgin and impassible. In the center of Europe. That’s unforgettable journey.

Bialovezhskaya Pushcha and Brest FortressProbably the most impregnable fortress in the world. Turned out to be on the western border of USSR it was the first to meet fascist troops in 1941. And it was still defending when the rest of the front was moved hundred kilometers eastward. Brest Fortress has become a significant symbol in russian culture. The note on the wall of the fortress made by unknown soldier «I am dying but not surrender» has become a motto of motherland defenders.

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