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Maksimilian Ryllo: the first researcher of Babylon

Author: Lida added 8-12-2014, 20:30

Maksimilian Ryllo: the first researcher of BabylonBelarus can be proud of Maksymilian Ryllo who was a pioneer and the first researcher of ancient Babylon’s ruins.

Maksimilian Ryllo was born on December 31, 1802 in Padarosk (now Svislach area, Grodno region) in poor gentry family. He graduated from high school in the rural municipality Lyskava then studied in Polatsk Jesuit Academy where he got a degree of Master of Philosophy.

Simon Smith Kuznets

Author: Lida added 16-11-2014, 16:34

Simon Smith KuznetsThe Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was founded in 1968. Belarus can be proud of one of the first winners in this category Simon Smith Kuznets who was awarded by the Nobel Committee in 1971.

Simon Smith Kuznets was born in Pinsk (present-day Brest region, Belarus) in 1901. Simon was a middle son in the family.

His father Abram Kuznets, who was a fur trader, left the family in 1907 and went to the USA to search better job. He wanted to invite the family but the First World War broke his plans.

Ignacy Domeyko

Author: Lida added 11-11-2012, 07:12
Ignacy Domeyko
Ignaсy Domeyko (31 July 1802 - 23 January 1889), one of the most world-known Belarusians, a participant in the liberation movement in Belarus, the national hero of Chile, a world-famous scientist, mineralogist, the Rector of the University of Chile. He left a significant mark in many areas of human knowledge, such as mineralogy, geology, chemistry, metallurgy, geography, ethnography, botanics and zoology, as well as considerably contributed to the organization of higher education system in Chile.

Barys Kit

Author: Lida added 10-10-2012, 23:57
Barys Kit
Barys Kit is a Belarusian mathematician, physicist, chemist and developer of space fuel.

Kit was born on April 6, 1910 in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire in the family of the Post and Telegraph Department employee, a Belarusian in origin. In 1918 Kit’s family moved to Belarus, to their native village Aharodniki (now merged with the town of Karelichy, Hrodna Region).

After graduation from Navahrudak Belarusian Lyceum in 1928 Kit entered the physics and mathematics faculty of Vilnius University. After graduation

Stanislau Halakcijonau

Author: Lida added 10-09-2012, 23:51
Stanislau Halakcijonau
Stanislau Halakcijonau studied molecular biology, worked with the first computer, which was preparing a program on the biology associated with determining the structures of molecules, when the topic was a totally new and highly relevant. He became one of the founders of the discipline, which is now called molecular modeling. Halakcijonau began work at the Institute of Biology, National Academy of Sciences, in Belarus, where around him, when he was just PhD, spontaneously gathered a group of young scientists who quickly gained acceptance in the scientific community.