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In Viciebsk in the museum of Yehuda Pen a studio school will be opened

Author: Newsmaker added 28-10-2014, 11:31

In Viciebsk in the museum of Yehuda Pen a studio school will be opened In Viciebsk it is planned to open a memorial museum of Yehuda Pen - Marc Chagall's first teacher. It will be the first  museum like this in the world. It was reported by the the director of the Art Museum Volha Akunevich.


The scientific concept of future exposure was developed by the creative team from Viciebsk Art Museum.

"Today Viciebsk has the largest museum collection of materials about Pen. Personal foundation of the artist in our museum consists from 370 units. 166 paintings and 17 graphic, as well as documents, pictures, and much correspondence of the artist are among them,"- said Volha Akunevich.

According to her, on the ground floor the exposition of the role of Pen in the context of global and national culture will be created. There will be several rooms. One of them founders of the museum will devote to the life to the artist, this will include biographical works of art. The largest hall will be dedicated to the  exposure "Viciebsk in the life and work of Pen".

The first floor will also house a studio school - like during the life of an artist who worked with the students in his own home. The second floor will place a gallery of the works of Pen. His landscapes, portraits, genre works will be presented here.

In the house of the artist during his lifetime was an impromptu exhibition of his works. After the death of Pen in Viciebsk gallery of his works was opened. But during the Second World War paintings were evacuated to the Russian Saratov, and the fate of many of them is unknown. Today Viciebsk has only about a quarter of the outstanding works of the master.

The museum concept is under discussion, said Volha Akunevich. Therefore, interested citizens can offer their own versions about how the museum should look like.





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