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An exhibition dedicated to Amy Winehouse with exhibits with Belarusian origin was opened in London

Author: Newsmaker added 3-08-2013, 00:36


An exhibition dedicated to Amy Winehouse with exhibits with Belarusian origin was opened in London Exhibition about life of Amy Winehouse opened in London on the street where the singer died.

Five-time winner of "Grammy" died at the age of 27 from an overdose of alcohol.

The Jewish Museum of Camden town (the birthplace of Amy Winehouse) in London worked with star's family, collected clothes, collection of records and photographs for the exhibition.

Many of the exhibits, including fridge magnets and children's books are given by Amy's brother Alex.

A suitcase with family photos which the singer looked through a few days before she died in her home in Camden is presented at the exhibition. Also at the exhibition you can see photos of Amy's grandmother and artifacts that affected on singer's style and reflect Jewish family roots of Winehouse.

These things indicate that ancestors of Amy Winehouse lived in Belarus and left the country in the 19th century accidentally stayed in London, although they intended to go to the USA.

According to the director of the museum Abigail Morris the idea to open the exhibition came after Winehouse's family offered one of her dresses for the permanent exhibition.

Morris said that another side of the problem "Back To Black" about which Amy Winehouse sang will be shown at this exhibition.

"Everyone thinks they know who she was, people have seen her in pictures, but in fact she was someone's little sister and this exhibition reveals the story of a woman who was a favorite not only because she was a well-known" - continued the director of the museum.

Exhibition "Amy Winehouse: Family Portrait" opened on July, 3 and will last until September.



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