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The church of the Birth of the Virgin in Muravanka

Author: Lida added 19-11-2012, 22:25
The church of the Birth of the Virgin in MuravankaThe church of the Birth of the Virgin in Muravanka is one of the most beautiful and famous churches in Belarus. It is situated in Shchuchin area, Grodno region, Belarus.

In different sources we can meet different names for the church, which is confusing. For example, Malomozheyka’s fortified church or The church of the Birth of the Virgin in Muravanka. In fact, the one and the other - they are one and the same building, which can be considered one of the most interesting and ancient architectural structures in Belarus. That building is still used for its original purpose, as a church.

Mir Castle Complex

Author: Lida added 13-11-2012, 23:13
Mir Castle ComplexThe Mir Castle Complex is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Belarus located in the town of Mir in the Karelichy District of Hrodna region, 29 km to the north-west from another World Heritage site, Niasvizh Castle.

The castle was built in the late 15th or early 16th century (the first reference to it dates from 1531) by the Ilyinichi family. The initial work consisted of building the walls and towers in Gothic style, but work came to an end for some unknown reason. Building had been completed by the beginning of the 17th century with the...

Belarusian Notre Dame

Author: Lida added 8-09-2012, 23:08
Belarusian Notre Dame
Gervyaty village is 24 km north-east of the Ostrowiec, on the road Varniany - Zhodishki. Few people know that Belarusian Notre Dame, the Church of the Holy Trinity, is here. The building, the age of which is just over a hundred years, is one of the tallest churches in Belarus.