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Darya Domracheva starred for Wargaming company

Author: Newsmaker added 15-12-2013, 08:53

The leader of the Belarusian biathlon team Darya Domracheva took part in the original photoshoot organized by Wargaming whose project air force online game ”World of Warplanes“ is the official sponsor of the athlete in the 2013-2014 season. 


In order to be transformed to a new image Dasha went to the new Minsk office of the company. The shooting took place according to the rules of glossy magazines - in a real studio with exposed light professionally and carefully selected accessories.


Aviation-theme is not new to Darya. Her brother was seriously fond of collecting aircraft models in childhood and accustomed Dasha to his passion.


”The first thing I saw in the morning were little IL-2 and ”Spitfire“ - said the athlete. - Brother tied models to the ceiling, and they seemed to fly in the air.“


Photographers and stylists tried their best and created five original images of the athlete.


Famous Belarusian was photoed in the training form with real biathlon rifle and recreated the atmosphere of a workout in a stylish hoodie, t-shirt and a cap with logos World of Warplanes. In addition to her usual roles she tried on ”home“ image - one of the photographs the athlete in a warm sweater and comfortable pants was enthusiastically tinkering a plane.


On another frame Domracheva looked like a pilot – she had aviator sunglasses and made a shadow in form of the plane.


Also time travelling happened during the photoshoot – stylists turned Darya to flirtatious actress of 50-th and a few photos in the style of pin-up were made.



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