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Vitebsk in the night

Author: Newsmaker added 2-01-2014, 14:21

Vitebsk in the nightToday we present the photo of Vitebsk in the night. This photo was made from the window of the plane by russian photographer Slava Stepanov.

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

Author: Lida added 2-12-2012, 06:31
Saint Sophia Cathedral in PolotskSaint Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk is probably the oldest church in Belarus. It was built between 1044 and 1066 by Prince Usiaslau - the Wizard.

The Cathedral stands at the confluence of the Polota and Western Dvina Rivers on the eastern side of the city.

The cathedral was built as a symbol of equality with the second Rome - Constantinople. Like in Kyiv and Novgorod where there were also temples in honour of St Sofia, the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk was intended to be a testimony to the power and independence of the Principality of Polotsk.