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Brest will be cultural capital of Belarus in 2015

Author: Newsmaker added 28-11-2014, 08:59

Brest will be cultural capital of Belarus in 2015  Brest will be cultural capital of Belarus in 2015. This decision was made today at a meeting of the Collegiums of the Ministry of Culture.


The history of the city counts almost 1,000 years. It is one of the three oldest cities in the country, together with Polatsk and Tur. In 1390 Brest one of the first received Magdeburg Law. In 1553, by the order of the mayor of Brest Mikalai Radziwill Chorny, Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the printing house was opened in Brest. With the Brest music printing in Belarus is associated.

With the passage of time in Brest the mint was opened, the musical-dramatic partnership that was a harbinger of the emergence of theater, music schools and the philharmonic was created. Today it is a major regional center with excellent infrastructure, a network of cultural institutions, recreation, historical and cultural heritage and contemporary cultural and tourist sites.

The center of attraction for tourists and residents is the memorial complex "Brest Fortress". In Brest there are museums "Saved artistic values," the new "War Museum - the territory of peace", the museum of the History of Brest, museum of railway equipment and others.

Every year in Brest about 2 thousand activities are held. In 2015 around 150 original national and regional creative projects, forums are planned.

The status of "Cultural Capital of Belarus" was awarded to five cities: Polatsk, Homel, Mahiliou and Niasvizh, two of them - Homel (2011) and Mahiliou (2013) - both have the status of "Cultural Capital of the CIS." Each city hosts 200 events throughout the year, including a number of innovative projects, concerts, musical and theatrical premieres, art exhibitions.




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