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The most popular among tourists Belarusian cities were identified

Author: Newsmaker added 14-04-2014, 22:15

The most popular among tourists Belarusian cities were identifiedDirector of Tourism Department of Ministry of Sports and Tourism Vadim Karmazin said that the most popular cities for tourists were identified in Belarus.

Minsk, Polatsk, Brest and Grodno were among leaders in the ranking.

Despite the fact that Minsk took in this ranking the first place, the number of tourists remains at the same level for the past three years. ”On the contrary in Grodno, Brest and Vitebsk regions number of tourists is increasing every year,“ - commented Vadim Karmazin.

The most popular places in these cities are the sights associated with historical and cultural heritage. For example, it is Saint Sophia Cathedral in Polatsk, it is Memorial Complex ”Brest Hero-Fortress“ in Brest and castles in Grodno region.

Earlier Ministry of Sports and Tourism named the most popular Belarusian sights. Leader in attendance in 2013 was The National Historical and Cultural Museum - Reserve ”Niasvizh“. The top five included also Memorial Complex ”Brest Hero-Fortress“, Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble, Mir Castle Complex, Polatsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.



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