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Top 10 plants and facilities in Central Botanical Garden in Minsk

Author: Newsmaker added 30-04-2014, 14:23

Central Botanical Garden in Minsk started a new summer season on April, 26. When you visit the garden you should pay attention to the most interesting things there.

1. Daffodils. The garden has about 400 varieties of flowers. Daffodils begin to bloom very early, some varieties - almost right out of the snow.

2. Sakura blooms in the garden every spring for the past 15 years. The garden has about 5 such trees on its territory.

3. Rhododendrons are east plants, which were bought in the 70s. Rhododendrons now are very popular plants, many people buy this beautiful bush to their village.

4. Alpine slide was created under the supervision of the Tallinn Botanic Garden in 1961. Here mostly plants preferring mountain climate (lavender, phlox needle, saxifrage and others) are planted.

5. The oak alley was planted back in 1932 when the garden was founded, but the war brought its changes: many trees suffered and the alley had to be restored, so today there are growing and younger oaks.

6. Tulips in the garden are very well presented from the familiar red to unusual purple – just over 570 varieties.

7. Maple platanoides has an unusual purple leaves because of the natural mutation. Such trees were found in 1903 in North America and since then have spread in Europe.

8. Belarusian corner was created by garden’s employees. These plants were brought from different parts of the country.

9. Greenhouse of tropical and subtropical plants in the garden was opened in 2007. There are more than 400 plants from different climatic zones: from desert to tropics.

10. "Swan" pond is the hallmark of the garden. Artificial lake covers an area of 2.3 hectares and reaches a depth of 5 m.

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Central Botanical Garden, Minsk, Belarusian corner