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Miss Belarus, which Belarusians do not know

Author: Lida added 22-09-2012, 10:37
Miss Belarus, which Belarusians do not know
Daria Patkova, 20-year-old Miss Belarus, was crowned Miss All Nations 2012 in Najing, China.

Daria Patkova is not a Belarusian, she has lived all her life in Russia in Ulyanovsk. Two years ago people started talking about her in the first time, when a student of economic faculty Dasha Patkova won "Miss Ulyanovsk" title.
Miss Belarus, which Belarusians do not know

In an interview she said that six months ago she wanted to go to "Miss Russia" by all means, and for that she need to won in Ulyanovsk.
Walking to her dream the girl overcame a model school for three months, went to the town beauty pageant, was better than 87 competitors and won her first trophy - the title of "Miss Ulyanovsk."

Miss Belarus, which Belarusians do not know
The fact whether the model took part in the "Miss Russia" is unknown. But Daria was lucky elsewhere. Home Beauty of Ulyanovsk entered the Top-3 "Miss Apollo" (prize money $ 3,000). The competition is held every year in Turkey and it involves about 20 contestants from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia.

Miss Belarus, which Belarusians do not know

After that Daria participated in an international beauty contest "Miss All Nations 2012" as Miss Belarus. The director of Russian "Miss Volga" Vladimir Ilyin, who is licensed to the contest "Miss All Nations 2012" from Belarus, was asked about the reasons for which Belarus was represented by a citizen of another country.

Miss Belarus, which Belarusians do not know

As Vladimir explained, he doesn’t see a special problem that Belarus is represented by Russians, since Belarus and Russia - "brother countries with the same language and culture."Yes, Dasha from Ulyanovsk. I do not know if she has attitude to Belarus. Probably not, since we are not really require from girls who represents Belarus at the international projects, to have Belarusian passport. The same situation, when the Belarusian girls are at competition as Russian. There are some projects which require just a passport from country of residence, but even there, make exceptions for our countries, because they know that this brotherly country with one language and culture ...

Miss Belarus, which Belarusians do not know

Finally Vladimir added that "for us, it does not matter. We put the information in the Russian media about it, we wrote that she represented Belarus but lived in Ulyanovsk."

Miss Belarus, which Belarusians do not know

According to recent information, very soon Daria Patkova go to another beauty contest - "Miss Hanshatyr 2012." The competition is designed for the eastern region and will take place in Kazakhstan. Usually it involves girls from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tatarstan, Russia, Israel, Ukraine and Belarus. It is unknown which country she will represent there, but it is possible that it will be Belarus once again.

The real "Miss Belarus' Yuliya Skalkovich visited so far only one contest - "Miss World".


Miss All Nations Pageant 2012 was held the 3rd time in Nanjing, China, and Final Show has been successfully held in the Nanjing Art Theatre on 9th September 2012.


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