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Author: booker added 17-05-2013, 04:36

MinskMinsk is one of the oldest European cities and is great place to spend time in. It is comfortable for locals and foreigners, travelers and businessmen, nightlife lovers and fans of excursions.

Minsk is known because of the architecture built in times of Stalin. Part of main city avenue is about to be included into UNESCO World Heritage list as the an unique example of Stalin Empire Style.

Holiday makers can explore the picturesque Minsk suburb of Troitsky which is located on the banks of the Svisloch River. Recently rebuilt, Troitsky gives a glimpse of 19th century Belarus and is one of Minsk most popular districts.

One of the most recent addition to Minsk’s impressive architecture is the diamond-shaped National Library with a 70-metre tower that is annually visited by thousands of readers and tourists. This sight was admitted by Village of Joy in the list of the World Most Strange Buildings in 2008.

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