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The remains of the oldest cancer–scorpion were found at the mine of "Belaruskali".

Author: Lida added 6-12-2012, 21:39
The remains of the oldest cancer–scorpion were found at the mine of "Belaruskali".
The remains of ancient animal, cancer-scorpion, were found by workers of OJSC "Belaruskali" on the horizon of 620 m in mine of the third management of mine.

Arthropod remains were quickly removed from the array and brought to the surface. According to the chief geologist of the company Dmitry Barbikov, it is the sixth discovery in the history of the "Belaruskali". The first was in 1976, the second - in the early 80's, the third - in 2002, the fourth - in 2006 (then was detected only the one limb of the ancient predator), the fifth - in 2008 and the last one - in June 2012.

"Unfortunately, it has not managed to save all these findings in intact way, some of them remains only in photographs. Incidentally, all cancer-scorpion residues were found on the third level of potash horizon, the age of each is about 350-360 million years. Means that found arthropods belonging to the order eurypterids, lived in the Devonian period of the Paleozoic era. By the way, they are the largest arthropods which have ever existed on Earth, "- said Dmitry Barbikov.

Cancer-scorpion which was found is the largest: its length is 34 cm. His previous "brother" was shorter by 9 cm. Piece of carved rock with "rookie" has taken its place among the exhibits of the Museum of Labour Glory of "Belaruskali".

"Belaruskali" (Soligorsk) is one of the world's largest producers of potash fertilizers. The company was joint-stockicized in 2010. Functioning on the basis of the Starobin deposit of potassium salts, "Belaruskali" includes four mine, auxiliary shops and servicing units, which employ about 20 thousand people.

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