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Welcome to!

Author: Lida added 20-08-2012, 14:14
Welcome to!
We have the honor to pay your attention to a new site! This site dedicated to the history of the world famous people which ancestors lived in Belarus. Very often we came across the information that one more outstanding person has Belarusian ancestry. So, we have decided to combine the information about such people in one place.

We know that the country which is situated in the middle of Europe still remains incognito to a lot of people in the world; that is why we will add material not only about the outstanding people who have Belarusian origin, but also about its' history, interesting facts, and current news.

Belarus has always had an ancient and glorious history and it would be great to expose our readers to its' fascinating world of ancestors, and also surprise our already well-informed readers with new exciting facts about its' history.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of a few people, this site was created. Some categories are actively in the development stage, while some are still in the planning process. The main objective was to start this site, and now you can anticipate for it to continue sharing new and interesting information for you to enjoy.

If you notice inaccuracies, errors, or missing information, we would be very grateful for your input so that we can keep our site as up to date and accurate as possible. Information on this website is not intended to be the "last say"; so we're open to suggestions as well as any information you would like to add!

If you are successful, energetic, and know what you want, learn your origin! There is a great chance that your ancestors lived in Belarus, which would explain why you have such fantastic leadership qualities and have already had recognition and advances in your career.

And if your ancestors also come from Belarus, you can add yourself into the history! Register on our site and write your name on our list!

As you may be aware, Belarus is in a crisis: It's a hard time for us all, so we apologize for such slow replenishment of information in advance. If you want to speed up the urgency of news and help to develop the site, we greatly appreciate and look forward to any donations.

Yours Truly,

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