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David Sarnoff

Author: Lida added 27-10-2012, 06:19
David Sarnoff
David Sarnoff was a Belarusian-born American businessman and pioneer of American radio and television. He is extremely unusual, ahead of his time shrewd businessman. Before leaving for New York he was called David Sarnow and lived in the Belarusian village Uzlyany.

David Sarnoff was born in a Jewish family on February 27, 1891 in Belarus, to Abraham and Leah Sarnoff. He emigrated to the United States and raised funds to bring the family. Sarnoff spent much of his early childhood in a cheder studying and memorizing the Torah. He immigrated with his mother and three brothers and one sister to New York City in 1900, where he helped support his family by selling newspapers before and after his classes at the Educational Alliance.

In 15 years David owned a newspaper kiosk, and then his fate was only on the rise.

David Sarnoff

Sarnoff first worked at the famous Italian Marconi since 1906. April 14, 1912 he received a wireless message about the collapse of the liner "Titanic" and was three days in touch with rescuers.

Since 1919 he has worked in the broadcasting Corporation of America (RCA), in 1922 he became the vice-president, since 1930 - the President, in the years 1947-1970 - Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 1926, he founded the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Since the early 20's was an advisor to 10 U.S. presidents.

In 1915 he suggested using the radio for fun and starting making consumer radios. But this idea, which brought billions later, seemed so crazy that its implementation was postponed for decades. To the president of the company Radiocorporation of America, Sarnoff gave the green light and provided the conditions for the development of another immigrant Vladimir Zworykin, who invented the television tube and for many years identified the direction of the media business.

David Sarnoff

David Sarnoff organized regular broadcasting in the United States (since 1939). Under his leadership, a system of color television, compatible with black-and-white (1949), recorded TV programs on magnetic videotape (1956), filmed the first television film (1964).

David Sarnoff participated in the creation of space communication systems, Computer USA. The International Institute of Electrical Engineers established the prize of his name for his achievements in the field of electronics (1959).

David Sarnoff

David Sarnoff was an honorary Doctor of Columbia, New York and other universities, Brigadier-General (1944).

Sarnoff retired in 1970, at the age of 79, and died the following year, aged 80. He is interred in a mausoleum featuring a stained-glass vacuum tube in Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York.

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