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Author: Newsmaker added 17-02-2013, 08:13 bought the creator of the cult role-playing gameThe developer of MMO-action World of Tanks announced about acquisition with the famous developer Gas Powered Games, who made such franchises as Supreme Commander, Dungeon Siege and Demigod.

During 15 years the U.S. software company has assembled a team of experienced professionals who were led by an outstanding game designer Chris Taylor who was the creator of the cult strategy Total Annihilation. But it acquired wide fame with a series of computer role-playing game Dungeon Siege the first of which was created in 2002.

Gas Powered Games will fully enter into the, adding to the current list of development studios (Chicago, Sydney, Minsk, Moscow, Kiev) a new center in Seattle. The transaction amount is unknown.

Acquiring of Gas Powered Games will become the next major acquisition of after American Day 1 Studios in January 2013 and the Australian BigWorld Pty Ltd in summer 2012.

"The company of Chris Taylor has gained experience of games developing, providing some truly unique projects," - said the head of Wargaming Victor Kisly. - "We are looking forward to the moment when we can begin to work together on a new game. We have no doubts that it will be a great project!"

"We are excited to join the team of The company has made an incredible way from a small developer to an international publisher with offices all around the world. This is truly a great success, and to be a part of this success is a great honor for us, - said the head of Gas Powered Games Chris Taylor. - I am sure that we will be able to contribute to the further development of the company."

Gas Powered Games has recently had serious difficulties. The first "alarm bells" about the future of the company were made at the beginning of this year when it was reported about the first wave of cuts / layoffs at the studio. Gas Powered Games was trying to raise money for the creation of "evolutionary ARPG" Wildman on "Kikstatere", but managed to attract only $ 504 thousand from "the requested" $ 1.1 million. The collection campaign of necessary cash was canceled three days earlier before planned.

Dungeon Siege is a well-known (among gamers) computer game in the genre of Action-RPG, created by Microsoft Game Studios. The main features of the game are the original system of raising levels of the heroes, which is done by improving skills of their use, and the ability to manage a group up to 8 characters. bought the creator of the cult role-playing game
Dungeon Siege (2002) bought the creator of the cult role-playing game
Supreme commander (2007) bought the creator of the cult role-playing game
Demigod (2009)


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