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Sofia Grojsman

Author: Lida added 5-09-2012, 22:35
Sofia Grojsman
Sofia Grojsman is one of the best perfumers in the world. She established more than 20 formulas of the 30 most popular names of perfumes, colognes, eau de toilette and laundry detergent. There are the following among them: Paris and Yvresse by Yves Saint Laurent, Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein, symbolizing femininity Tresor by Lancome, as well as many famous Estee Lauder perfume. Sofia also created odor emollient wash Downy, which housewives liked a lot. But the most interesting thing is that Sophia came from Belarus and now she has made the spirits which devotes her homeland.

Sofia’s fate is very bright. She was born on March 8, 1945 in the town Lubcha, Novogrudok district. Her father Peter Hodosh fought as a partisan, he rescued Sophia’s mother from Ivie ghetto and took people who were doomed to death from there. The young family lived very simple, flowers were just toys for Sofia.

When Sofia was 15 years old, the family moved to Poland. Parents decided to send her daughter to college to study chemistry. Since the girl graduated from Belarusian school with honors, she was taken immediately to the 3rd year. Sophia was engaged not only in studying, she won the festival of Russian song in Poland. Later in the interview Sofia compares perfume art with the creation of music in which every note is important. One day Peter Hodosh was invited to move to America from the man he had saved during the war and the family decided to move.
Sofia Grojsman
After moving to New York, the main question was - what to eat, where to work. By that time Sophia was about 20 years old and she had some education.

Before joining the Corporation IFF, a leading company in the world in the creation, production and delivery of fragrances and perfumes, Sofia worked at the laboratory of the hospital, but when she was put in front of a gallon of blood, she realized that she would never been able to work with the blood.

In the corporation was free only a technician vacancy with a salary of $ 35 per week. Sophia did not have a chance to choose. Nevertheless, she captured the attention almost immediately. She noticed a mistake in the regular formula and adjusted proportions.

Sophia was recommended to Chief Professor of the corporation for learning all the details of the perfume business. After 4 years of study, she got a place of perfumer. At the same time, Professor began to work on the personal order of perfume Estee Lauder, founder of the eponymous world-renowned cosmetic empire. Sofia is the author of the main part of the perfume’s compositions.

In the perfume world Sofia Grojsman was named the "Picasso" for her unusual method, while behind the creation of the composition may be about two hundred components, Sofia tried to simplify, creating a major chord only with 4-7 ingredients. At the same time base notes were felt right from the very beginning of the development of flavor. She worked every day from 9 am to 11 pm, and after a while she became Vice-President.

Sofia says that it was not so hard, because she loved it. She bought an apartment in Manhattan just because this is a region where the company situated, because she did not like to spend 3 hours a day traveling to work.

Today Sofia also continues her work, she is a leading consultant for special projects of the company. There are adorable son and grandchildren next to her. With her husband Sofia divorced many years ago, she thinks it's wrong to tolerate, if the love is over.

Perfume dedicated to Sofia’s homeland will have the French title "Coolness desire" but the formula was called "Belaya Rus № 5." It is the smell of her childhood, which was associated with purity and freshness. Sofia says that she is very happy that she was born in Belarus. First, it has a wonderful nature, and secondly - the beautiful, the right people. She will try those spirits would be inexpensive in order an average Belarusian woman will be able to afford it.

Last time Sofia came to Belarus 10 years ago. She found the house where she was born and which is still inhabited. Sofia Grojsman is planning to arrive in Minsk for the presentation of her new creation soon.

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