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Three Belarusians take part in the 100th "Tour de France"

Author: Newsmaker added 3-07-2013, 11:59
Three Belarusians take part in the 100th "Tour de France"
"Tour de France" has been a major sporting event of the summer with the "Roland Garros" for 110 years.

As part of the 100th anniversary of the cycling race (during the First and Second World War the competition was not held) its organizer the company Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) wants to highlight the rich historical heritage of France.

22 teams which presented athletes of 25 nationalities started the "Tour de France" on June, 29. This year's competition started in Corsica. This was an important event as the route of the "Tour de France" has never been held on this island. 198 riders and organizers will travel through 4 towns of Corsica (Porto-Vecchio, Bastia, Ajaccio and Calvi).

In the current "Tour de France" three Belarusians will start. Konstantin Sivtsov and Vasily Kiriyenko will perform in the strongest team in the world - the British "Sky", and Alexander Kuchinski - in the Russian "Katyusha".

In general about 4500 people move on the roads every day during the cycling. They are competition organizers, the advertising column, sports teams and media representatives from around the world. This event will be highlighted by more than 2300 journalists.

The broadcast from the bicycle race will be led by the largest French broadcaster France Televisions. Over the past 20 years broadcasting time devoted to these prestigious competitions, grew from 55 to more than 120 hours.

Exemplary organization

Solid reputation of the "Tour de France" is reached with the help not only a long history of the competition but its organization, which is considered to be a worldwide model for imitation.

Proceeds from the events are in the order of EUR 100 million, and it is - two-thirds of the total turnover of Amaury Sport Organisation.

On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the cycling race organizers decided to draw attention to historical monuments and corners of France through which the "Tour de France" will pass. Organizers signed agreements with the government to include in the route about 20 sites. "Mont-Saint-Michel, the castles of the Loire, the old city of Carcassonne, the valley of Mont Blanc and Chateau d'If - in the route the whole of France will be presented", - assured the deputy director of the race.

The final stage of the competition will start on July, 21 from the park of Versailles Palace where the 400th anniversary of the birth of Louis XIV gardener André Le Nôtre will be celebrated this year. And this prestigious stage will finish on the Champs-Elysees as usual. On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the "Tour de France" cyclists will cross the finish line in the evening and made 10 laps at the Arc de Triomphe, which will be festively lit.

This will be the completion of more than one and a half year of hard work of the organizers of cycling and its host cities. Each year the organizers consider 250 candidates. This year 31 towns were selected for the 21 stages of the race. Each of them must pay a participation fee to the organizers: for the cities of the first phase it is 60 000 euros, and for the cities of the last stage – 100 000 euros.

Participation of the air group "Patrouille de France"

More than 24 thousand policemen and gendarmes will ensure the safety of 12 million people who will come to look at the bicycle race. The company ASO expects that this year on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the "Tour de France" the number of viewers will increase.

The organizers have decided to involve the air group "Patrouille de France", which celebrates 60 years since its foundation this year. Together with the French Air Force aerobatic team, it will observe the first and last stages of the competition.

This anniversary race will add information to the other historical pages of the "Tour de France". Total from 1903 in the competition at least once involved 15,000 athletes and 3,900 riders at least once passed all stages.

The favorites considered to be Englishman Christopher Froome and Spaniard Alberto Contador. Who will rise to the top step of the podium? Will the Frenchman Toma Vekler, who won two stages in 2012, compete with them? We will receive the answer on July, 21.


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