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Top 10 of the most recognized Belarusian brands abroad

Author: Newsmaker added 3-02-2013, 15:31
Top 10 of the most recognized Belarusian brands abroadDo you know what kind of brands or private Belarusian companies were successful in terms of market share in the global or regional scale in 2012?

According to it looks in the following way:

1.World of Tanks

In less than three years about this game, which was created by the Belarusian developer, became well-known on all the continents. The company has offices which promote its tanks in Europe and the USA. An active promotion in South-East Asia takes place nowadays.

World of Tanks - the undisputed leader in its segment of the games, the winner of numerous awards. More than 45 million people played in it by the end of 2012.

2. "Santa"

This is the code name for the product line, which is produced by Brest food company "Santa Bremar" and is sold in the CIS, the Baltic States, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. The company has grown from a "fish frames" to a multi-food holding, successfully running such markets brands of ice cream, meat products, etc. However, its main strength is still the fish. "Santa Bremar" was the market leader in the CIS in preserves and capelin roe, and after the purchasing of its rival "Russian Sea" in late 2012 it will become one of the leading manufacturers of gourmet fish (salmon and trout) and red caviar.

3. Conte

This brand of Belarusian light industry has managed to become a leader in the socks, hosiery segment on CIS's market for ten years. Grodno's products is sold today through more than 50 offices in Russia, has a success on Ukrainian, Moldovan, Kazakh, Armenian, Lithuanian, Polish markets and reached the U.S. - Conte opened a sales office in New York.

4. "Regula"

The company is one of the world leaders in the production of high-technology equipment and software for authentication of documents - various securities, identity cards, passports.

Only two large companies except the Belarusian "Regula" work on this specific market.

5. "Milavitsa"

Most of the more than 500 retail outlets of Belarusian manufacturer of corsetry is located in Russia, and all in all products of the company are represented in more than 25 countries, including such areas as South Africa and Iran.

6. Prestigio

The absolute leader in the Russian market of GPS-navigators - Prestigio - is the development of the Belarusian company Asbis. The brand market share accounts about 25% of total sales of navigators in Russia.

7. Fancy

Fancy is one of the most famous brands of toys, which appeared in 1993. It was conceived and promoted by Belarusian businessmen. Today children who were the first owners of cute monkeys, dogs and bears Fancy, buy toys of this brand for their children.

8. Alutech

According to the recent research, the rolling systems which were manufactured by this company from Minsk, reached about two thirds of the total volume of sales in Russia and Ukraine. Alutech is also the leader in the implementation of sectional doors and aluminum profile systems.

9. Polimaster

The products of the Belarusian company - the developer and manufacturer of radiation monitoring and control - are sold in more than 40 countries. The company opened a representative office in Japan last year.

10. "The doors of Belarus"

This is one of the largest Ukrainian wholesale and retail sellers of interior doors. Belarusian company's founders, whose network is more than 100 stores in Ukraine, also sell doors in Belarus, Russia, Moldova and Azerbaijan.

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