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The Minister of Transport: Foreign Low-Cost Carriers Don’t Want To Fly Belarus

Author: Newsmaker added 23-11-2012, 09:06
The Minister of Transport: Foreign Low-Cost Carriers Don’t Want To Fly BelarusThere are several airlines including low-cost companies in the air traffic market in all developed countries. As for Belarus, it is only “Belavia”.
Is there any possibility for other air companies to compete with the Belarusian carrier and lower the ticket prices?

As the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus Anatoly Sivak reminded, low-cost carriers offer extremely low air service tariffs in return for refusal of most of traditional passenger services. The Minister also noted that at the moment there were no requests from foreign low-cost airlines on flights in points of Belarus. According to A.Sivak, the National Airline “Belavia” has made a decision to set up a hybrid air company that would combine both elements of traditional air carrier and low-cost air company. At present certain number of air tickets are sold at rather low price, but the rules of using such tickets are quite tough (they are non-returnable, could not be changed etc.). Still the air company keeps implementing mentioned entries into their work.

However, the Belarusian Minister of Transport underlined that “Belavia” should not be considered monopolist while there are other air companies such as “Aeroflot”, Czech Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Austrian, AirBaltic, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and other carrying out flights in and from Minsk. The Minister concluded that Belarusian air traffic market complied with all conditions of competitive environment and was in an ongoing process of development.

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