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100 years old watch will be repaired in Pinsk

Author: Newsmaker added 24-03-2013, 23:52
100 years old watch will be repaired in PinskIt is exactly 100 years old this year to the watch, which was mounted on a building of Jesuit College. Jubilee stamp shows the age of the mechanism with the numbers 1913. Jesuit College building was built in the mid 17th century and it is a monument of baroque architecture in the historic center of Pinsk.

Despite its venerable age clockwork preserved in its original form, but the dial needs updating. It was decided to update the dial, add lighting and repair the room, where the mechanism is situated. In addition to this, the chime will be regained. For a long time, the watch was silent. At noon, they will perform the official anthem of the city of Pinsk, and in Soviet time chimes played the tune of "Where are you now, fellow".

It is planned that in a new design and with a new sound the main Pinsk watch will have been already by the day of the city, which is traditionally held in October.

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