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How Belarus was recalled in soap operas

Author: Lida added 7-11-2012, 15:47
How Belarus was recalled in soap operas
This is top 5 soap operas "with Belarus marks."


This is a story that describes the everyday work of modern Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in the modern London.

The third episode of the first season starts with the title: «Minsk, Belarus». After this there is a picture in which Sherlock Holmes is in prison and talks with compatriot, who arrived in the capital of Belarus with a girlfriend, and then after jealousy in a bar he killed her in the hotel room.

How Belarus was recalled in soap operas

Sherlock didn’t take the case, and returned to London frustrated that in his path does not appear bright crimes.

- What is about the case in Russia? - Asked his Dr Watson.

- Belarus - says Holmes. – It is a simple domestic murder. It isn’t worth my attention.


According to the plot of the second season of the series, in the fifth episode the secret agency, in which Nikita operates, is ordered to kill the double which is out of control and special team is sent to Belarus to carry out the task.

How Belarus was recalled in soap operas
There is the residence of the Belarusian leader in TV series "Nikita" with white-red-white flags.


American TV series are starring Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, who is a double agent SD-6 and the CIA, which appears on the tasks in different parts of the world, each time in a new, colorful image. Main storyline is a search and recovery of artifacts created by Milo Giacomo Rambaldi (1444-1496).

In the fifth season Sidney and her husband Vaughn is investigating the case related to a secret organization known as Prophet Five. In this secret society which includes dignitaries from around the world who in order to achieve their goal - immortality - go to the murders, kidnappings, terrorist attacks.

How Belarus was recalled in soap operas

In one of a series the audience see all the members of the Prophet Five for the first time. This happens when they gather at a secret meeting at one of the embassies located in the capital of Belarus. The images accompanied a caption: «Minsk».

"Gossip Girl"

In the second and third seasons "Prince Alexei from Belarus" is the same as the servant of the film Vanya from Minsk. In dialogue with one of the main characters with a distinctive national features tells of the triumph of private property in his homeland.

Ivan: I could not help noticing you. I am Prince Alexey from Belarus.

Georgina: Well, nice to meet the prince.

Ivan: I'm flying back to his home country to celebrate the opening of my new oil pipeline. Do not want to join?

Georgina: You know, I'm in college and do not know what to answer you now, Prince!

Prince Alexei from Belarus

"The Big Bang Theory"

In early 2010, the creators of "The Big Bang Theory" which has already become a cult sitcom accused the Belarusian TV channel STV, while producing the series "The Theorists" of plagiarism.

How Belarus was recalled in soap operas

One of the author and producer of the American television series Chuck Lorre at the end of one of the series put his address to the Belarusian authorities:

"... When we brought this to the attention of the Warner Brothers legal department, we were told that it's next to impossible to sue for copyright infringement in Belarus because the TV production company that is ripping us off is owned and operated by the government of Belarus.

Having no other recourse, I'm hoping that this vanity card will be read by the fine folks making The Theorists, and, wracked with guilt, they break down..."

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