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The sixth folk festival "Kamyanica"

Author: Lida added 14-09-2014, 17:55

The sixth folk festival "Kamyanica"The sixth folk festival "Kamyanica" was held in the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle in the village Aziarco near Minsk.

The monastery of Carthusians in Biaroza

Author: Lida added 14-09-2014, 14:55

The monastery of Carthusians in BiarozaThe monastery of Carthusians in Biaroza (Brest region) was founded by Sapiehas in 1689. An unknown Italian architect built the monastery in the Baroque style. In addition to the land the monastery was also donated 800 yards of the peasants.


It took 40 years to build the monastery. During this time the builders erected two lines of walls, courtyard, a garden, a church and even an artificial pond.