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The song of Belarusian became a hit on radio stations in New York

Author: Newsmaker added 22-09-2013, 09:38


New song of Olga Kazak (Olyia) became a hit on the New York radio stations.

Journalist Sergei Navumchyk wrote about it in his facebook.

Olga was born in Belarus in a family of famous musicians Ales Kazak and Valentina Parkhomenko who moved to the United States in the early 1990s.

According to her website she started doing music at the age of five. She graduated from Georgetown University with specialty "international media".

Sergei Navumchyk draws attention to the fact that Olga has never forgotten that she is Belarusian and always takes an active part in the life of the Belarusian Society of America singing at Belarusian celebrations. is the web site of Olga Kazak.

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