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A native of Belarus has became a candidate for president of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author: Newsmaker added 7-04-2013, 17:24
A native of Belarus has became a candidate for president of the Russian Academy of SciencesSt. Petersburg Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) nominated the winner of 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics, the Vice-President of RAS Zhores Alferov, who was born in Vitebsk (Belarus), to the President of the Academy.

The Presidium of Center considered the candidate of the Vice-President of the Academy, the director of the Institute for High Temperatures Vladimir Fortov. But as a result, the members of the Presidium unanimously elected Alferov.

Before agreeing to become the candidates for the post of the President of RAS Alferov and Fortov left the Public Council under the Ministry of Education and Science. Alferov said thatit was caused by his disagreement with the head of the Ministry Dmitry Livanov about the development of science and education in Russia and RAS's role in this development.

The other candidates for the post of the President of the Academy, are expected to become known at the end of the week (the deadline for nomination – April, 29). Media, including the "Russian Newspaper" and "Kommersant", named among possible candidates Yuri Osipov (he has headed the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1991).

Alferov confirmed that Osipov became the candidate for another term. According to Alferov, Osipov was nominated by the Department of Mathematical Sciences of RAS.

The president will be elected by the General Meeting on May, 29. If none of the candidates gets more than half of the votes, the second round will be held. If the President isn't elected in the second round, it will be held the third round.

The Russian president is going to approve the elected president of the Academy by the General Meeting.

Zhores Alferov was born in Vitebsk on March 15, 1930. He was named in honor of Jean Jaures the founder of the newspaper L'Humanite and the leader of the French Socialist Party. In 1952 he graduated from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering named after V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin) Electrotechnical Institute in Leningrad (now - St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI" named after V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin)).

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Alferov Zhores