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Belarusian Internet is not fast enough

Author: Newsmaker added 20-01-2013, 05:10
Belarusian Internet is not fast enoughBelarus has the 96th position among 180 countries on the speed of the Internet. Worse position among European country has only Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the 101st.

These are the results of the research of Speedtest services, which tested the capacity of the Internet worldwide. According to this report, the speed of the Internet in Belarus is 4.78 Mbit / s. The fastest Internet is in Hong Kong (43.14 Mbit / s), Singapore (39.22 Mbit / s) and Japan (38.11 Mbit / s), the slowest is in Algeria (1.12 Mbit / s), the Democratic Republic of Congo (0.60 Mbit / s) and Benin (0.46 Mbit / s).

The number of Internet users in Belarus is growing every year and has over 4 million 462 thousand people. According to the project Gemius Belarus, since October 2011 to October 2012, the Belarusian audience has grown by 13.3%. Belarus is one of the leading country in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of growth of the Internet audience.

The penetration rate of the Internet in Belarus at the beginning of November 2012 (older the users of 15 years) was more than 55% (the average penetration in Western Europe is about 75%). Approximately 80.28% of the total number of users surf the Internet daily.

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