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Center of Eastern culture will appear in Vitsebsk

Author: Newsmaker added 20-11-2014, 15:34

Center of Eastern culture will appear in VitsebskRepublican Federation of Martial Arts "Aikibudo" took the initiative to create a center of oriental culture in Vitsebsk based on local martial arts school.


As the Chairman of the Federation Hennadz Frolau said, he has already secured the support of the head of the Minsk public association of oriental culture and traditions "Hagakure" Svyataslau Hajeuski.

"We have very well developed martial arts. They involve not only the study of martial techniques, but also the traditions, Japanese terminology, familiarity with Eastern culture. Therefore, we want the support of local authorities and technical assistance "Hagakure" to organize in Vitsebsk a full-fledged center where you can learn the art of tea ceremony, ikebana, painting and calligraphy, learn Japanese. In Vitsebsk, there are enthusiasts who are interested in these areas, you only need appropriate training. It takes time and patience, especially since Eastern people, as you know, do not like to rush, "- said Hennadz Frolau.


"Aikibudo" operates in Vitebsk and strictly adheres to the curriculum established and standardized throughout the system. Classes are held in the halls, decorated in a traditional style, using Japanese terminology. Both children and adults are engaged. Aikibudo - a comprehensive martial art that has kept the tradition of samurai martial arts of ancient Japan.



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