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Transcontinental connection highway Moscow-Frankfurt will pass through Belarus

Author: Newsmaker added 17-02-2013, 15:01
Transcontinental connection highway Moscow-Frankfurt will pass through BelarusThe first deputy head of the Operations and Analysis Center under the President of Belarus (OAC) Vladimir Riabovol said that a big transcontinental communication line Moscow-Minsk-Frankfurt would go via Belarus.

A great project involving foreign direct investment is organized by "Belarusian Cloud Technologies" (beCloud). The founders of the company are the National Traffic Exchange Center (51% of authorized capital) and Russian businessman Konstantin Nikolaev. An investment agreement with the company has already been made.

Belarusian and Russian sides will own communication line on a parity basis. "Belarusian Cloud Technologies" will be able to pass external Internet traffic via Belarus. "This is a breakthrough project: if you look at the map, the main Internet traffic from China and Russia goes to Europe via Scandinavia by sea, that is inefficient – paid attention on it the first deputy chief. - The easiest way is to make the transit line via Belarus."

The realization of the project will give opportunities to use transit opportunities of Belarus more efficiently. It will allow to earn more money on information services and to contribute the in development of appropriate infrastructure.

The appearance of a transit communication line will be felt by each internet user. "It is all interconnected and interdependent. For example, the creation of the National Traffic Exchange Center together with other possible measures has allowed to lower selling prices for Internet traffic to private providers in 2.5 times over the short term," - said the source.

Belarus plans to enter top 30 countries with the most developed ICT by 2015. Belarus has already succeeded in some indicators: according to the International Telecommunication Union and UNESCO the country was ranked to the 21 position in sphere of public access on the Internet in 2012. Belarus is also ranked to 6th position in the world with the rate of growth of ICT.

BeCloud will also deploy LTE-network in Belarus in 2015.

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