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Domracheva Took Second Place in the Pursuit Race

Author: Newsmaker added 3-12-2012, 17:43
Domracheva Took Second Place in the Pursuit Race
At the World Cup event the Belarusian biathlonist lost only to Tore Berger of Norway.

On December 2 Darya Domracheva started seventh. However, due to successful shooting (only one missed shot) and a quite good motion at the distance she managed to take up the second line of the finish protocol.

Just like in previous races in Östersund, Tore Berger came in first (31.01,9). On Sunday she finished nearly half a minute before Darya Domracheva.

It is notable that other Belarusian athletes cut a better figure in the women's pursuit, too. Nadzeya Skardzina was a clean shooter and moved up from her 24th starting position to finish 14th (+2.13,5). The shooting by Nastassya Dubarezava was not that good (2 misses), but she did improve her result from the 37th to the 26th place (+3.06,6).

The first five leading of the World Cup are as follows:
1. Berger (Norway) – 180
2. Domracheva (Belarus) – 144
3. Viluhkina (Russia) – 131
4. Henkel (Germany) – 122
5. Pidgrushnaya (Ukraine) – 102

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