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Sergei Dorofeyev has won the main television award in the Ukraine

Author: Lida added 4-12-2012, 23:02
Sergei Dorofeyev has won the main television award in the Ukraine
The most important national television award in the Ukraine "Triumph-2012" was awarded recently. Among the winners was Sergey Dorofeev, who left Belarus a year and a half ago and became a presenter at leading Ukrainian news "Channel 5."

Well-known Belarusian TV presenter has won in the category "Interviewer of the Year".

Sergey Dorofeev is a Belarusian journalist. He worked at the ONT channel was a presenter of the talk show "Choice".

Nowadays Dorofeyev is the author and the host of "Portraits of Sergey Dorofeev" and the daily talk show "Time. The results of the day" at Ukranian "Channel 5."

The journalist noted that pieces of advice and comments of Belarusian TV viewers have helped him to achieve success in the Ukraine.

- Statuettes and ratings are attributes of publicity. They are of course important for men, for their ambitions. But the knowledge, experience and opinions of viewers and colleagues are even more important. For my Ukrainian success I would like to thank Ukrainian and Belarusian viewers who helped me to grow professionally by their pieces of advice and comments, - he said.

Incidentally, the "Triumph" is not the only award, which is in the bank of Dorofeyev for work in the Ukraine during a year and a half. TV host also received a professional award "For journalistic ethics" (awarded by college journalists) and ranked among the "People of the Year" magazine «Esquire-Ukraine".

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