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"Palac". Belarusian folk-modern band.

Author: Lida added 9-12-2012, 06:28
We continue a number of articles about the musical culture and traditions of Belarusians. Today would like to present you the Belarusian folk-modern band "Palac", which takes most of its texts from Belarusian folklore.

The band "Palac" was founded in 1992 by professional musicians, who had experience in different musical styles. The basis for association became Belarusian authentic folklore executable by musicians from the original sound and in various folk-modern styles. The leader of the band is the owner of the unique vocals, composer, poet and cultural scientist Oleg Khomenko.

The group besides the known instruments (saxophone, guitar, trumpet, accordion, synthesizers, samplers) play on traditional Belarusian authentic instruments (lyre, duda, cimbalom, zhaleyka, pipe, Surma).

Nowadays the band "Palac" is one of the hottest groups in the Republic of Belarus.

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Palac, folk-modern, authentic music, Belarusian folklore.