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Cimbalom. Belarusian folk instrument.

Author: Lida added 2-12-2012, 08:53
We start a series of articles about the musical culture and traditions of Belarusians. In these articles, we'll tell you about the musical traditions, folk instruments and contemporary artists.

We begin the story with cimbalom - Belarusian folk instrument.

Cimbalom have been widespread in Belarus from the 16th century. This is string percussive instrument.

Cimbalom have a resonance trapezoid shape. Number of strings rows can range from 12 to 24, and the number of strings in a row - from 3 to 8.

Both men and women of all classes played cimbalom equally. Due to its accessibility and easiness of learning, cimbalom were spread from Belarus to Eastern Europe, becoming an integral part for many people.

Nowadays cimbalom are often used in the Belarusian pop, and folk music, and even with symphonic orchestras.

The art of playing cimbalom in modern Belarus passes from one generation to the other and it gives us the belief that Belarusians will not lose the art of playing the cimbalom masterly.

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Cimbalom, musical instrument