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Top 10 ruins with a history that must be seen before they are renovated

Author: Newsmaker added 11-11-2014, 15:14

Top 10 ruins with a history that must be seen before they are renovatedThe next 10 news will be devoted to the attractions of Belarus, where you can touch the history and to photograph the architectural monuments of the XVII century.


So, №1. Orzeszkowa chapel-tomb

The chapel was built in 1849 in neo-Gothic style and it is one of the oldest buildings of the neo-Gothic style Belarus. The village, where the chapel-tomb is built, known for its famous owners from Orzeszkowa family. One of the most famous representatives of the genus was the writer Eliza Orzeszkowa.

After the Kalinowski rebellion the town Zakozel was taken from the genus Orzeszkowa. As a result, the chapel was used as a catholic church, and then there was arranged an orthodox church. For a long time it was believed that the tomb was plundered, but during the work archaeologists found the remains of buried members of the genus and interior details. The finds were given to Brest Regional Museum.


Where: Brest region, Drogichin district, town Zakozel




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