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The world's only wooden TVs are produced in Belarus

Author: Newsmaker added 11-08-2013, 07:08

The world's only wooden TVs are produced in BelarusTV plant "Vityas" (Vitebsk) is perhaps the only manufacturer of electronics in the world which produces TV sets in a wooden case.


Nowadays "Vityas" offers three models of TV sets with case made of wood: two of them have a 26 inches screen and one - 32 inches. They are able to receive and decode the digital signal DVB-T.

If you buy this TV set you will receive not only a sophisticated electronic device but a few pounds of solid wood. For example, a wooden model with 26 inches screen weighs twice more than similar plastic - 21 and 10.5 kg. The wood of these TV sets is veneered and lacquered.

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