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Rehabilitation and Recreation in Belarus

Author: booker added 11-02-2014, 23:48

Intensive life that requires great physical and mental efforts, routine troubles and problems cause tiredness and petulance. Recreation at the health-centers helps to escape from the weight of cores, find self-confidence and recuperation.


There are numerous offers of recreation and health improvement in the 102 sanatoriums and health centers for those who want to benefit from their leaves.


The Belarusian health centers are located in the most picturesque nooks of this country - in the pineries, on the banks of the rivers and lakes where nature itself is salutary. Temperate continental climate of Belarus with its mild and damp winters and warm summers is favourable for the year-round recreation.


Belarus has got various resources for remedial and health-improving tourism development. Combination of climatic and natural therapeutic factors represented with four types of mineral water sources and fields of therapeutic muds contribute to treatment for a series of diseases.


Therapeutic muds are represented with the following two types: sapropelic or silt muds of fresh-water lakes, and peat muds. They are rich in cellulose, acids, microelements, and are used for treatment for diseases of joints, tissues and skin. In the Belarusian health centers one can undergo a cure with silt therapeutic muds from Anapa or knoll therapeutic muds from Azov.


Local mineral waters are used for treatment of digestive apparatus and bile-excreting tract, liver, dysbolism, peripheral nervous system, circulation organs, respiratory apparatus.


Certain mineral waters produced in the territories of certain health centers are unique for Belarus. There are mineral waters which composition is identical to those produced from the wells of Druskininkai in Lithuania or Truskavets in the Ukraine. Sulfide (hydrogen-sulphidous) waters close in their composition to those of Macesta have been explored in some places of the Belarusian Polesye; and the Belarusian natural radon waters are similar to those from the wells of Mironovo and Khmelnitsk in the Ukraine.


Several health centers are involved in arranging for family rest combined with health improvement. Sanatorium-and-spa base of Belarus is represented with a number of sanatoriums (children ones including) located both within and outside the territory of the Republic. The main therapy profiles of the Belarusian sanatorium-and-spa institutions are as follows: diseases of respiratory apparatus, cardiovascular system, locomotor system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, gynecological diseases, diseases of circulation organs.


Clinical nutrition (dietotherapy) is an integral part of sanatorium-and-spa treatment, as keeping to a certain diet increases effectiveness of any therapy. The Belarusian health centers both provide for clinical nutrition depending on a disease, and develop special menus taking account of tastes and wishes of the persons on leave.


Every health center ensures comfortable accommodation in cosy cottages and well-furnished buildings. De luxe, half-luxe and standard rooms are ready to receive guests.

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