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Rehabilitation and Recreation in Belarus

Author: booker added 11-02-2014, 23:48

Intensive life that requires great physical and mental efforts, routine troubles and problems cause tiredness and petulance. Recreation at the health-centers helps to escape from the weight of cores, find self-confidence and recuperation.


There are numerous offers of recreation and health improvement in the 102 sanatoriums and health centers for those who want to benefit from their leaves.

Hunting and fishing in Belarus

Author: booker added 6-02-2014, 11:05

Hunting and fishing in Belarus

Due to geographical location, Belarus occupies a fitting place among the hunting grounds in Europe. Primeval forests and bogs, excitement of tracking down and haunting an animal, euphoria from a well-aimed shot, pleasure of the chance to seize the trophy - the one who arrives at Belarus (which game-preserves occupy 18 million hectares) will get all those customary hunting attributes in full.