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Slonim was shown in Japanese anime

Author: Newsmaker added 22-12-2013, 06:03

Slonim was shown in Japanese anime.

In the traditional Japanese cartoon the Belarusian town was recreated with stunning accuracy - the same buildings, the synagogue, town center, only instead of Lenin a strange personality stands on a pedestal.

From the first frame of the cartoon called "Code Geass: Akito the Exiled" Slonim’s residents can see familiar places. For example - Spasa-Preabrazhensky Cathedral. Lenin’s monument that shows at the cathedral was slightly modified.

Police building (although today it is not situated there) is recreated to the last detail and only the sign says "police". On the right side of the police building the old post office is well seen. You can also see here the town center - Pervomayskaya street.

The bridge is near the central square. There is some inaccuracy in details (for example in reality there is no inscription "Slonim"), but there is general similarity.



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