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The culinary map of Belarus will appear in 2015

Author: Newsmaker added 15-10-2014, 13:21

The culinary map of Belarus will appear in 2015The culinary map of Belarus will appear in 2015, said the chairman of the Belarusian public association "Rest in the village" Valeryia Klitsunova.

Gastronomic tourism rapidly grows worldwide nowadays. According to Valeryia Klitsunova, this direction is promising in Belarus. For the development of this form of tourism in the country gastronomic routes appear and food festivals are held, for example, "Motalskіya prysmakі" ("Dainties from Motal") in Ivanava district, cherry festival in Hlubokae district, apple festival in Sharkaushchyna district and others.

The culinary map will become a guide that will explain you what you should definitely try in every region of the country. In addition, with its help tourists can make their own gastronomic tours. "Every region of the country should be recognized in terms of tourism. One of the options - is the creation of unique culinary brands, when a certain dish becomes the hallmark of the region and it is possible to try it in all local cafes and restaurants," - said Valeryia Klitsunova.

In 2015, agroecotourism will remain one of the priorities in the development of tourism in Belarus. Nowadays key projects for the next year are determined in this area.



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