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Footballer Vobga Tenchen has changed his name to Terenty Lutsevich

Author: Newsmaker added 13-01-2013, 05:07
Footballer Vobga Tenchen has changed his name to Terenty LutsevichA unique event occurred in the championship of Belarus. "Dynamo" Minsk has informed fans that the defender with Cameroonian roots Vobga Tenchen will wear the shirt with the name Lutsevich and his new name is Terenty.

It’s a grandmother’s surname of 21-year-old footballer. She is the most native person for him. The name Terenty he got in the Orthodox Church. All the friends and family call him Tyree. Previously he was not allowed to change the name, because he had no birth certificate.

The childhood of a future football player was not easy. He was born in the family of Cameroonian and Belarusian in the homeland of his father. When he was six months, his father died and his mother decided to bring the son to Belarus. She left Vobga to grandmother to bring him up and returned to Cameroon.

Four years ago she came to Minsk but failed in attempts to establish a relationship with her son. Then she went back.

All these years the boy has been brought up by his grandmother Belarusian Anastasia Lutsevich. She took him to the football section when her grandson was 7 years old.

Vobga (Terenty) has always considered himself a Belarusian and had eagerly waited for being able to change the name. He knows Belarusian language and traditions very well, because he was taught by his grandmother. He passed exams in Belarusian while entering the university. Nowadays he studies economy quite successfully at Belarusian state university.

A few years ago Vobga Tenchen became famous for his photo shoot in lingerie for a model agency.

In the championship of Belarus the tall defender (192 cm) played in the main "Dynamo" team only 10 matches. Lutsevich spent last season on loan at first in "Gomel", and then in "Vitebsk".

Terenty has played 2 matches for junior Belarus teams in different ages.

He is now with a new name, and is going back to "Gomel". He does not hide his desire to get into the main "Dynamo" team as quick as possible.

He does not believe the change of name influence his life. He said that he always felt himself as Lutsevich.

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