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French film director Arnaud Desplechin will shoot a movie in Minsk

Author: Newsmaker added 30-10-2014, 19:57

French film director Arnaud Desplechin will shoot a movie  in MinskThe famous French film director, a member of the Cannes festival and five multiple nominee "Cesar" Arnaud Desplechin ("Esther Kahn", "Jimmy Pickard") said about his new film "The Three memories from my childhood," which he decided to shoot in Minsk.

"It is not real memories. They are invented. My life is still a lot more boring than the one I create in the movies. This movie takes us partly to those movies that I shot before. We will talk about life of our hero Paul, his childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The first part of the film is about the acquaintance of Paul with Russia, its culture. It is the fragment of his life in Russia. It happened that in 16 years old our hero moves to Minsk to convey to the Russian community documents, in order to help people to leave the country. It's a little bit stupid and unconscious heroism of our hero. A third part of the film takes part in France - student life of the hero and the first love. And here again I mixed up everything: the poetics, espionage and romance."

The director decided to shoot in Minsk, because the buildings here pass to the atmosphere of the movie best of all.  





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Arnaud Desplechin, French film director, movie in Minsk