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Belarus: in Embrace of stars

Author: Newsmaker added 27-01-2013, 06:35

Tech shooting in Timelapse is gaining the popularity in Belarus. The photographer Victor Malyschits presented his own work - Movie "Belarus: in Embrace of stars."

"Sometimes it's worth seeing at least one time sky in the night and you love it forever. And sometimes it is enough just once to see the country under the stars in order to fall in love with her even more. The film is adout the crystal expanse of Braslav lakes, aurora over Vialejka reservoir, the Milky Way between the old oak trees and over the walls of ancient temples and palaces ... In this short film, Belarus - on the background of the cosmos, a vast night sky, in embrace of stars "- such annotation Victor escorted his story.

Victor's fascination with space is professional, as he teaches astronomy at BSU. The material for the film was shot last summer. In total he made about 13,000 photographs and the final movie includes over four thousand pictures.

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