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Belarusian President Declared 2013 the Year of Frugality in Belarus

Author: Newsmaker added 30-11-2012, 13:34
Belarusian President Declared 2013 the Year of Frugality in Belarus
The Year of Frugality was declared in the context of President’s directive №3: “Saving and economy are the main factors of the state’s economic security”.

It is reported in the head of the state press service that Aliaksandr Lukashenka issued decree №357 declaring the year 2013 to be the Year of Frugality.

It was also stated that the government will ratify a republican plan of actions concerning the 2013 Year of Frugality. Respective branch and regional plans are to be passed by the republican bodies of state administration, regional executive committees and Minsk executive committee.

It was underlined that the concept of the Year of Frugality is aimed at industrial engineering improvement, increase of labour productivity, quality of goods and services at the expense of resources conservation, avoidance of ungrounded losses by means of modernization of production, introduction of new technologies, technics and means of management.

The actions to be taken within the year 2013 are to develop in everyone the feeling of thrift both at work places and in everyday life.

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President, Year of Frugality, directive №3, decree №357